Apply for student support

Student support

  • Apply by the 30th of April 2023 by filling out the form below.
  • Do not register for the conference before you receive the notification for your application; if it is successful you will receive a discount code for the registration.
  • Notification: 5th of May 2023.
  • Aimed at PhD students, and master students on their last year, whose host institution cannot cover their travel costs
  • Limited number of grants.
  • Student support includes: waiving of conference fee, 200-400 € contribution towards accommodation and travel costs.

Student support application form

    Attending TQC

    Details for receiving the grant

    Can you receive the travel grant in cash on the first day of the conference, or do you need a bank transfer before the conference?

    If you need to receive the travel grant as a bank transfer in advance, please insert the relevant banking details (IBAN, SWIFT, bank's name and address, your name and address). If cash is ok, you can leave this field blank.