You can download and print the non-interactive schedule here and  import the Google Calendar to your device here.

How to change talk slots: The fastest way to check your talk’s allocated day is on the talk list. If you are giving a talk and would like to change your scheduled slot, contact the authors of another talk to swap, and write to the organizers only when you have a swap arrangement. You may use the Discord server to ask if anyone is willing to swap. Please try to swap with a talk from the same field, so that sessions can remain thematic and audience members don’t need to move rooms in the middle of a session.

Poster sessions: The live poster sessions will be on Monday and Thursday. If your poster submission number is below 290, you present on Monday; if it is above 290, you present on Thursday (290 is a talk). If you cannot make it to your allocated session, just bring the poster to the other session and find a free slot. You don’t need to ask the organizers.

Invited speakers

Jens Eisert
FU Berlin
Zhengfeng Ji
Tsinghua University
Dakshita Khurana
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Adventures in Quantum Wonderland: Understanding Cryptographic Hardness in a Quantum World
Tomoyuki Morimae
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Quantum cryptography without one-way functions

Social events

  • Welcome reception and industry session: Tuesday late afternoon. Light food and drinks will be provided.
  • Poster sessions: Monday and Thursday late afternoon. Drinks and light snacks will be provided.
  • Conference trip: Wednesday afternoon, ending at the banquet location. Several options will be provided.
  • Conference banquet: Wednesday evening.

Participation on social events is optional.

Daily talks in detail

Press for abstracts. A, B and C refer to the rooms of parallel sessions.

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