TQC 2024 – Privacy policy

The TQC 2024 organizing committee is committed to protecting the privacy of its participants, volunteers, sponsors, vendors and other contacts.


This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected during the registration for TQC 2024, as well as during the conference itself, and processed by all legal entities, volunteers and employees acting on behalf of the TQC 2024 organizing committee.

The TQC 2024 organizing committee includes people from Squids (Schools for Quantum Information Development), a non-profit association based in Zurich, Switzerland, and OIST (Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology), based in Okinawa, Japan.

Any aspects not explicitly covered here are governed by Swiss and/or Japanese data protection regulations, as appropriate.

What information is collected?

The TQC 2024 organizing committee collects the following personal data in line with the use purposes explained in a subsequent section:

  • your name and email address, affiliation and position,
  • purchasing and payment information,
  • author and presenter information,
  • photos at the event,
  • video recordings of talks given at the conference,
  • other information you upload or provide to us.

How do we use your information?

The TQC 2024 organizing committee uses (and, where specified, shares) your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to share information about the conference;
  • to adjust the conference schedule, facilities, meals and accommodations according to the participants’ needs;
  • to create conference badges;
  • to process transactions;
  • to respond to your requests;
  • to create anonymized demographic analysis of the conference participants;
  • to get feedback or input from you.

Note that in particular, the names of all authors of contributed talks and posters, as well as the presenters, are shared on the conference website. By default, the names of other participants are not publicly shared on the website.

What third parties handle your information?

  • For TQC 2024, talk and poster submissions were processed by the Programme Committee on EasyChair, and are subject to EasyChair’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The list of accepted talks and posters (titles, authors, abstracts and keywords) is sent by the Programme Committee chairs to the TQC2024 organizing committee, and is from that moment covered by this Privacy Policy.
  • Email servers and websites with the domains squids.ch and tqc-conference.org are hosted by Infomaniak in Switzerland, and are subject to Infomaniak’s Terms and Conditions and Swiss law.
  • Incoming emails to tqc@squids.ch are also forwarded to the local organizers at OIST, up to two weeks after the conference takes place. OIST email’s servers are managed by OIST.
  • Conference fee payments are processed through Stripe, and are subject to Stripe’s Terms of Service. OIST does not have access to it; Squids has partial access to payment data (name, amount and payment method) but no critical access (for example, credit card numbers are not visible to Squids).
  • Participation on the TQC 2024 Discord Server is processed by Discord, and are subject to Discord’s Terms of Service.
  • Video recordings are posted by the organizers on YouTube, and are subject to Youtube’s Terms of Service.
  • Photos of the event may be shared through the conference Discord server, the conference website, and social media, and are subject to each platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Information on individual requirements, for example dietary restrictions, disability accommodations or childcare needs, may be shared with local service providers with the single purpose of meeting those requirements.

How can you modify or delete your information?

In general, write an email to tqc@squids.ch if you’d like us to modify or delete some of your data.

In particular:

  • Photos: You may write us an email, contact an onsite organizer or ask the photographer immediately to delete the photo. There will be ways to signal if you do not wish your photo taken at the conference.
  • Contact information: Write to us if your email address has changed or you want us to modify or delete your contact information from our databases. We need some form of contacting you up to 14 days after the conference has ended. After this we can delete all your email addresses.
  • Video recordings: If you are accidentally shown in the video of someone else’s talk, we may blur you out from the recording at your request. If you are the speaker and would like the whole video deleted, let us know.
  • Your name: Write us an email if you’d like us to change your name on public conference materials (like the website or video recordings). This includes cases where your name changes after the conference and you’d like to correct it on conference materials.

What information lives online forever?

The following information is considered public, and may stay publicly available online, on the conference website or archive, indefinitely:

  • Lists of contributed and invited talks, with abstracts, list of authors, other submitted materials, and name of the presenter.
  • Lists of Committee members and their affiliation at the time of the conference.
  • Anonymized demographic statistics on participants and speakers.
  • Video recordings of talks.
  • Photos of the event.

In all these cases, we can still change your name if you ask us. If a talk is retracted (for example, an article it is based on is proven wrong), we can add a retraction note. If you find a fixable mistake, write us an email. Photos will be deleted if you ask us.

Information about individual posters (authors, title, abstracts) may be deleted by the organizers after the conference. If you would like to change something about the poster information write us an email.

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