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Platinum sponsor
We are a team of world leading quantum scientists and engineers, tackling ambitious problems by accelerating the practical application of quantum computing. We believe in a world where breakthrough scientific discoveries are commonplace, enabling innovators to more urgently address the world’s most vital challenges.
We are hiring! Check out Phasecraft's career opportunities.
Google Quantum AI
Platinum Sponsor
Google Quantum AI is advancing the state of the art of quantum computing and developing the tools for researchers to operate beyond classical capabilities. Our mission is to make best-in-class quantum computing tools available to the world, enabling humankind to solve problems that would otherwise be impossible.

We are hiring! Check out quantum career opportunities at Google.

Silver Sponsors

Quantum for Life Centre
Silver Sponsor
The Quantum for Life Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation closely connected with QMATH Center funded by Villum Foundation.

By combining research in quantum physic, mathematics, chemistry and data science, the goal of the centre is to contribute to the faster development of new drugs as well as speed up the computationally demanding tasks of analysing and interpreting large amounts of biological data - both essential to the medical industry of tomorrow.

We are currently searching for a new Novo Nordisk Postdoc position in collaboration with Novo Nordisk A/S. You are always welcome to contact center leader Matthias Cristandl for information about upcoming positions.

Come join QMATH Masterclass 2023 from 21st-25th of August 2023! Register at Masterclass: Quantum Learning Theory – University of Copenhagen.
Silver Sponsor
QuSoft was founded in 2015 as a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). Researchers at QuSoft perform excellent, foundational and multidisciplinary research in fundamental and applied aspects of Quantum research. As QuSoft researchers mostly focus on theory, the main body of research comes from mathematicians, computer scientists, theoretical physicists and chemists and regards areas such as cryptography, quantum information, quantum internet, quantum simulation and quantum algorithms. However, part of QuSoft researchers are experimental scientists who research in the lab, with physical systems.

The main overarching challenge for QuSoft is to create the “quantum software” for current and future quantum computers, harnessing the power of quantum information and developing new protocols, algorithms and applications.

We are hiring! Check out QuSoft career opportunities.
Technology Innovation Institute
Silver Sponsor
The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a leading global research center dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge. Our teams of scientists, researchers and engineers work in an open, flexible and agile environment to deliver discovery science and transformative technologies. Our work focuses on breakthroughs that will future-proof our society. Working together, we are committed to inspiring innovation for a better tomorrow.

Our Quantum Research Center (QRC) is a new international center of excellence for research into quantum technologies. Led by a globally recognised expert in the field, Professor Jose Ignacio Latorre, we are dedicated to building the first quantum computer in the region. At QRC, we are inspired by our vision of quantum technologies that recognises the numerous positive applications our work can have in industries and scientific disciplines far beyond our core areas of focus.

We are part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.
Silver sponsor
Matter and Light for Quantum Computing” (ML4Q) is a Cluster of Excellence established in 2019 within the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. In ML4Q, scientists from the universities of Cologne, Aachen and Bonn as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich come together to spearhead quantum computing research.

The aim of ML4Q is to develop new computing and networking architectures using the principles of quantum mechanics. Computing and networking power beyond anything classically imaginable would make quantum computers powerful tools in key areas such as materials design, pharmaceutics, or artificial intelligence. Quantum communication could be made effectively secure.

ML4Q builds on and expands the complementary expertise in the three key research fields (solid-state physics, quantum optics, and quantum information science) at the partner institutions in order to develop the best hardware platform for quantum information technology, and provide comprehensive blueprints for a functional quantum information network. We are hiring! Check out ML4Q's career opportunities.
Dulwich Quantum
Silver Sponsor
Dulwich Quantum is the industry leader in quantum fact-checking solutions. Our customers include Fortune 100 companies and up-and-coming quantum startups alike. We set the industry standards for high quality and excellence through our annual Dulwich Awards. These highly competitive and prestigious awards honor the brave leaders of our field who are willing to go where no one else has dared.

Follow us on Twitter @DulwichQuantum.
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