This page will be updated for TQC 2024 in March 2024. Registration opens in April 2024.


  • 3rd of April: Registration opens (300 tickets released).
  • 30th of April: Deadline for student support applications.
  • 5th of May: Notification for student support applications. Deadline for early-bird registration. Late-bird registration starts (100 more tickets released).

Registration limits

  • Due to venue capacity, TQC 2023 can host up to 400 in-person participants. Registration for in-person participation will close when the limit is reached.
  • Online participation is open to everyone and unlimited.
  • In a first step 300 tickets will be available (up to the 5th of May).
  • From the 6th of May, another 100 more tickets will be available, so that students that applied for support can register.
  • If you are not a student, or are a student and are not applying for travel support, we recommend you register as soon as possible.
  • We will update the number of available tickets regularly.
  • There is no official deadline for registration, because we expect in-person tickets to sell out early. It is also likely that several people find out that they cannot make it at the last minute; in that case their tickets will be cancelled and their slots will become available at the ticket store again.
  • Update: since we need to fix the approximate number of participants with caterers and partners by the end of June, registrations after the 1st of July will cost 500 € (for students and researchers alike). The price increase will allow for absorbing the costs caused by a sudden rush of registrations at the last minute.

In-person participation fees

  • Students: 100 € (bachelors, masters and PhD, until the end of June)
  • Standard early bird: 300 € (register by the 5th of May AoE)
  • Standard late bird: 400 € (from the 6th of May until the end of June)
  • Late registration: 500 € (from the 1st of July, for everyone).

Online only participation fees

  • Students: free (bachelors, masters and PhD)
  • Presenters of contributed talks and posters: free
  • Standard: 25 €

Student support

  • Apply for student support by the 30th of April 2023 by filling out the form on this link.
  • Student support includes: waiving of conference fee, 200-400 € contribution towards accommodation and travel costs.
  • Do not register for the conference before you receive the notification for your application; if it is successful you will receive a discount code for the registration.
  • Notification: 5th of May 2023.
  • Aimed at PhD students, and master students on their last year, whose host institution cannot cover their travel costs
  • Limited number of grants.
  • Application includes: CV, motivation paragraph (why you want to attend the conference), financial support justification (why your university cannot cover your travel costs), name of a reference.

Cancellation, refunds, terms and conditions

  • If for any reason you cannot make it to TQC, let us know as soon as possible and we will refund your ticket (up to banking fees).
  • Note that by registering to TQC 2023 you confirm that you have read and will abide by the conference’s Code of Conduct.

Ticket shop for registration

Status as of the 5th of July: 245/400 tickets sold.

Note: The registration page may ask you to fill out two forms. The first one is all the data we need to the conference, and in a second step, your name email and institution to register in the online shop (for things like refunds).

Note to participants from Portuguese universities: Se precisarem de uma factura com o NIF, mandem email para com todos os dados que devem ser incluídos.

Note to participants from INRIA: everyone from INRIA had problems with the online payment (your institution blocks the payment and the credit card reservation is cancelled after one hour). Before registering, please talk to Diana Duarte from INRIA Paris, as she knows how to make it work. If you are based at other French institution and experienced similar issues, please email so that we can send you a manual invoice.

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